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Academic Coach

Position Overview and Impact:  Academic coaches help community members with longer term tutoring needs to gain the study skills, reading comprehension, writing, math and technology skills to attend postsecondary education (college or technical degree, Career Pathways and occupational certificate programs).  Coaches can help with a variety of tutoring needs.  By helping adults achieve postsecondary education, academic coaches can help community members be better role models for their children, gain better jobs and provide skills to the community.


Key Responsibilities:

•    Encourage and support your student to become an independent learner, adhere to goal-directed behavior and   

     empower your student for success
•    Improve math, advanced and basic reading comprehension to enter and succeed in postsecondary education
•    Mentor and support your student
•    Help your student with study strategies
•    Help your student develop confidence and a positive attitude.  
•    Encourage his or her progress in each session
•    Set up consistent tutoring sessions and be punctual for each appointment
•    Select and use material suitable to your student’s skill level and needs
•    Incorporate applicable and functional reading comprehension, math and/writing skills
•    Complete weekly reports
•    Support Literacy For All (LFA)/College Still Achievable (CSA) functions
•    Encourage students to attend CSA workshops and events
•    Report your progress to LFA/CSA
•    Provide a respectable learning environment
•    Adhere to LFA/CSA’s Tutor Expectations and Best Practices
•    Provide other literacy support to student


•    Be at least 18 years of age
•    Have effective literacy skills
•    Be empathetic
•    Be resourceful
•    Be friendly, professional and approachable
•    Be patient and optimistic
•    Be flexible


•    Gain an increased understanding and appreciation of different values, cultures and lifestyle
•    Increase problem solving skills
•    Gain career skills
•    Help students gain skills
•    Gain different skills and experiences


•    Resources, webinars and online trainings available
•    Tutor mentors available

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