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Administrative Volunteer

Position Overview and Impact:  Administrative volunteers help CSA with its administrative needs:  typing and composing documents, organizing data entry, make copies, preparing for special events, soliciting donations and helping where needed.  Administrative volunteers provide help CSA provide more support with students and helps volunteers and staff be more successful.


Key Responsibilities:

•    Support CSA by coordinating and supporting its administrative work
•    Answer questions and emails about CSA to students, tutors and funders
•    Enroll potential CSA students into the program
•    Can help lead or lead tutor informational sessions
•    Assist in fundraisers and agency events when needed
•    Make copies
•    Draft basic donation letters
•    Compile mass mailings (electronic and postal mail)
•    Support LFA/CSA functions
•    Compose basic mailings and constant contact mailings


•    Have effective literacy skills
•    Be empathetic
•    Be resourceful
•    Be friendly, professional and approachable
•    Be patient and optimistic
•    Be flexible
•    Be computer literate
•    Be willing to learn new tasks


•    Gain an increased understanding and appreciation of different values, cultures and lifestyle
•    Increase problem solving skills
•    Gain career skills
•    Gain technology skills
•    Gain different skills and experiences

•     One-on-one instruction for each project
•     Office manual available

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