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Inspiring adults to achieve their postsecondary goals through one-on-one literacy tutoring and mentoring



Every adult will reach their highest academic potential.


Students enrolled in College STILL Achievable will:
  1. Understand and embrace their learning style

  2. Learn the effective basic and advanced reading comprehension, persuasive writing, technology, content area and math skills to succeed in a college, an occupational certificate, a technical degree or other postsecondary degree program

  3. Be able to independently apply successful literacy skills

  4. Gain the self-confidence to enroll and complete a postsecondary degree program

  5. Learn functional workplace literacy skills Core Values

  6. Collaboration - Students will succeed when community members, businesses, nonprofit agencies, volunteers, employees and students are working together.

  7. Awareness – Students will fulfill their academic potential if they are aware of College STILL Achievable and its students.

  8. Individuality – Student learns differently, have different goals and different life views.

  9. Commitment – Students, employees, volunteers and businesses are dedicated to the students’ goals of achieving postsecondary education.

  10. Empowerment – College STILL Achievable will succeed in a culture of empowerment.    


How will we measure SUCCESS?
  • We use several assessments and qualitative and quantitative measures to define success. 

  • We feel strongly that the assessments should match the students’ goals:

  • TABE, ASSET or COMPASS Assessments are administrated every fifteen weeks. The kinds of assessments are determined on student goals.

  • Improvements on specific college or postsecondary entrance exams.

  • Improvements on students’ grades and classroom performance

  • Qualitative interviews and success stories

  • Awards students receive (scholarships or promotions) Achievement of postsecondary and career goals (number of students enrolled in college, retention and graduate rates and job offers)

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