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  • Is FEAR keeping you from attending college?

  • Would you like to be a Certified Nursing Assistant and need help getting there?

  • Has it been a long time since high school that you feel a college degree, certificate program or technical degree is impossible?

  • Did you ever take a test to get into college and failed?

  • Did you drop out of college and want help getting back?

  • Do you want to attend college and not know how?


We can help YOU!  We can provide the tutoring for free!

We Provide:

  • Volunteer Tutors
    to meet with you once or twice a week

  • Academic Coaches
    to help you through the college process

  • Career Mentors
    a volunteer tutor who is employed in the same career you are working towards!

  • Support and Mentoring

  • College Case Management services



We can help adults where college is within reach, but still need some help getting there.

  1. Test Score Improvement
    Some colleges give students a college readiness assessment such as a writing, reading or math test. We can provide a tutor to brush up on skills!To get into a technical college, we provide tutors for help on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE), COMPASS and ASSET assessments.  We also help English as a second language (ESL) students with the TOEFL examination.

  2. Math
    Math can be the biggest fear to attending college! Some of us can say, “I haven’t did  math in 20 years!”  A one-on-one volunteer can help you gain the confidence, teach and review math by providing help with basic multiplication and division, decimals, fractions and percentages, algebra and geometry.

  3. Writing
    Writing can also be daunting!  Many classes require papers.  If you are not used to the academic rigor of college, we can help by building your skills and feeling confident to attend college.

  4. Basic and Advanced Technology Skills
    Students are required to organize PowerPoint presentations, complete online research and know all Microsoft applications.  We can provide support for you in learning these skills.

  5. Advanced Reading Comprehension Skills
    Students can struggle in reading textbooks and materials in a competitive fashion.  Many have not read a textbook in years!  We can help you with student skills and reading comprehension skills to take you to the next level.


**You can keep your tutor once you get enrolled you are in college so you can be successful!


Are you struggling with a class? If this is your first or fifth time taking a class, we can help!  Our volunteers can help with classes such as statistics, business or algebra.


Do you want to attend college in the future but feel you have a long way to go?  If it is mastering  the English language better or working on improving reading skills, we can provide longer term tutoring to help you attain college.


You may need to obtain a food sanitation or Certified Nursing Assistant certificate.  A tutor can help you with reading comprehension strategies and strategies for using your learning style.


Do you realize that more and more working adults are attending online programs?  In online programs, it is important to complete a high volume of work under many deadlines.  Writing, typing and technological skills are essential.  Our tutors can help you prepare or improve your skills for those programs.

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