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Project and Consulting Volunteer

Position Overview and Impact:  Project volunteers and volunteer consultants are responsible for the growth of the CSA program.  Project and consulting volunteers select and offer their services in social media, strategic planning, public relations, grant writing and fund development, office management, curriculum and/or special events.  Your skills will be matched with our needs.  Project and consulting volunteers will help community members achieve postsecondary education by helping the CSA staff be more successful and efficient.


Key Responsibilities:

•    Support CSA by working on public relations, fundraising and fund development, marking, organizational planning,

     graphic art or grant writing
•    Present project ideas to CSA staff and lead or support projects to completion
•    Draft emails, assign projects to other administrative volunteers, work with staff as needed to finish project
•    Assist in fundraisers and agency events when able
•    Document project activity for projects to be implemented
•    Support LFA/CSA functions
•    Compose basic mailings and constant contact mailings


•    Be at least 18 years of age
•    Have effective literacy skills
•    Be empathetic
•    Be resourceful
•    Be friendly, professional and approachable
•    Be patient and optimistic
•    Be flexible
•    Be computer literate
•    Be willing to share tasks
•    Have skills and/or expertise in project area (when needed)
•    Research all aspects of the project


•    Gain an increased understanding and appreciation of different values, cultures and lifestyle
•    Increase problem solving skills
•    Gain career skills
•    Gain technology skills
•    Gain different skills and experiences


•     One-on-one instruction for each project
•     Office manual available to understand office resources

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