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Cathy Kozlowicz has worked in literacy organizations for more than twenty years. After working for the last twelve years in improving literacy for adults, children, refugee and English as a second language students in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Kozlowicz is excited about working with a fabulous Board of Directors to take literacy to a new level!

Kozlowicz is passionate about communicating about literacy issues, empowering students to be successful and recruiting new students to literacy programs. Her goal is to create a structure so all students, volunteers and employees will be successful and realize and appreciate their strengths.

Kozlowicz has an eclectic background in social services, public relations and teaching. She also wrote 1500 news, features and health stories for many local and national publications and presented literacy-based research at international and national conferences including the International Congress of Psychology (Cape Town, South Africa), the International Congress of Applied Psychology (Melbourne, Australia).

Kozlowicz is pursuing her doctorate in Adult Education at Capella University. She is excited about meeting many supporters of literacy.


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Cathy Kozlowicz


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