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I can read, write and do math fine, but I need help with strategies in understanding the vocabulary for my CNA classes.


That is exactly what we do!  Many of our students have good literacy skills, but have not been in school in so long. We will help you get ready for the academic rigor of postsecondary education or an occupational certificate program.

How much is tutoring?


We will serve all students free of charge. We, however, would like you to do everything to make a one-time $25 payment.  Then, we ask for $10 a tutoring session. You can make a portion of this or decide on monthly payments. Even if you pay $5 a month, this amount will be helpful to us. You can pay online (preferred) or mail a check to our mailing address.

Where does tutoring take place?


Tutoring takes place at the library, school or an agreed upon public place.In very rare exceptions, we will do tutoring in the home.

Who will be helping me?


Tutors are trained volunteers who want to improve literacy!Since they do not get paid, they are tutoring because they want to help you.We do our best to match tutors to your personality and professional background.

How do I get materials?


We have most of the materials online.When you become a student, you will have a password to either print or view materials.If you would like books, you can work with a staff member to order books from New Readers Press. We can also use the materials for your school.We will customize materials for your needs.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at (414) 792-9681 or
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