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Student Consent Form

College Still Achievable (CSA), a division of Literacy For All (LFA), provides one-on-one tutoring for people interested in improving their literacy skills to attend college or an occupational certificate or technical degree program. Volunteer tutors and academic coaches donate their time to help our students; it is, therefore, important to show your commitment to the program.


Thank you for letting us help you be successful!


We will serve all students free of charge. We, however, are asking you to pay a one-time fee of $25 and after that, $10 a session. We can set up an individual payment plan for each month. You can pay the suggested fees or a portion of those fees. Even $5 a month will be help us. You will not be denied services if you cannot pay.


You will agree to:


  • Pay the suggested fees or develop a monthly payment plan to pay the fees to the best of your ability.


  • Call your tutor if you cannot meet for a session.  If you are absent three times without calling the tutor, you will be dropped from the program and need to wait to reapply.  At that time, you will be charged a $25 re-application fee. 


  • Exhibit goal-directed behavior.  It is important to set goals and strive to meet them with your tutor.  We do place time limits on how long we can help our students.  If we feel we have helped you as much as we can, we will develop an exit strategy with you. 


  • Contact the agency with any address, phone number or email changes.


By filling out and signing the registration form, you agree to the items presented in the above student agreement form.


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