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What kind of student will I be working with?


College Still Achievable (CSA), a Division of Literacy For All (LFA), has volunteer opportunities to help our students attend, succeed and reach their postsecondary goals! By providing details about your background on the volunteer application form, we can match you with a wonderful volunteer opportunity!  If math is your skill, we can provide you with a student who only needs to improve their math skills. If writing is your strength, you can help a student in writing and editing research papers. We also have project and administrative volunteer positions available.

What kind of commitment is needed?


We ask that volunteer tutors commit at least two hours a week (once or twice a week).  We can also provide you with a student who has a short-term goal.  Depending on the needs of our students, we can work with all kinds of availability.

Tutors can take the summer off or only tutor in the summer.  If you have vacation planned, you can work out a schedule with your student.  We ask that you always have a new appointment planned by the time your current appointment ends.  Administrative and project volunteer can also work remotely.

How old do you have to be to tutor?


You must be 18 years old to tutor a student.

Where does the tutoring take place?


Tutoring sessions occurs in public places:  study rooms at area libraries, learning centers, coffee shops or at colleges.

Do the students speak another language?


Students in the College Still Achievable (CSA) program will be proficient in English. We may also have students whose second language is English (ESL students).  ESL students in the CSA program will be needing to improve their advanced reading comprehension and/or writing skills.  Communicating with students should not be a problem.

What experience do you need to tutor?


We want volunteers with a variety of backgrounds!  For many of our adult students, your professional background can help them with their career goals. In the CSA program, it is important for students to have connections with volunteers who are either retired or working in the students’ desired professions.

Are there trainings or materials available?


We have webinars, an online introductory training and structured competencies with each program.  We also like tutors to supplement this with the tutor’s occupational experiences, professional and personal background and research.  It is part of the tutor’s responsibility to plan lesson plans for the student.  We are here to support volunteers!

If you have any other questions, please contact us at (414) 792-9681 or
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